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Our Team:Employment Ideality-Introduction of Talents 2:5:3:
    Airborne troops-20%: bring the management and technical ideas of advanced domestic and overseas enterprises;
    Own troops-50%: cultivate and promote from the internal employees;
   Student troops-30%: inject new motivation into the company with new and young talents;

  Principles of Employment-Ethics and Talent Both, Ethics Come First

   An excellent enterprise must have excellent talents. We adhere to the principle of “Ethics and Talent both, Ethics Come First” to select and cultivate talents.

   Ethics first-Ethics mean moral goodness: An excellent talent must be equipped with good morality and cultivation; this includes integrity, modesty, sense of responsibility, ambition, etc. At the same time, we also advocate the acquired cultivation of the employees, like social etiquette, temper, courage, persistency, resolution, confidence, patience and so on.

   Ethics and Talent Both-Talent means skills and knowledge: People are not born knowledgeable, both skills and knowledge are acquired through efforts. We attach more importance to the ability of learning of the candidates, because the ability of learning is the reflection of the enterprise’s creation ability and self-perfection ability. Creation ability is the core capability of the enterprise. Only when we learn faster and better than the competitors, then can we do better than them too and have an advantage. We are aimed at cultivating more employees into the useful person for the society through learning to make contributions to the improvement of both the society and the enterprise, also to creating a better life for themselves.

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